question about headliner in 85 coupegt

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri Dec 19 19:58:13 EST 2003

At 11:11 PM 12/19/2003 +0000, Jim Haseltine wrote:
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>From: "Nate Beck" <Nate.Beck at>
>>   I am plagued by a slightly damp carpet behind the drivers seat.  I
>> it is the sunroof drains that are disconnected and leaking.  The question
>> have is how does the headliner come out so that I can unclog the drain or
>> reconnect it if need be.

I don't know the coupe, but on the 4k,5k,100,200,v8, the sunroof area
drains through tubes at each corner that empty in the front doorjamb for
the fronts and behind the rear wheelwell for the rears.  Audi recommends
cleaning those tubes by inserting a length of flexible cable as used in
speedometers.  I've used the plastic string from string trimmers.

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