1985 4kq alternator question

John Booth jrbooth3 at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 31 15:12:33 EST 2003

My alternator started to act up a couple days ago. It
will not start charging for the first mile then starts
charging and jumps up to 14  to 15 volts. I was
thinking of taking it apart to see if it is anything
obvious ( bad brushes or springs, bad rectifier). Is
it worth the time to try and rebuild it or should I
pony up the cash and buy a rebuilt one? bearings are
$10 rectifier is $25 and regulator is $32 brushes are
$7 for $74 total. A rebuilt non air 90 amp is $94 not
a huge savings especially if its a bad winding. Also
what is the difference between the w/air cond and
without a/c alternators? They are both 90 amps but one
lists for $70 more. I do have air but am going to
remove it to do a turbo motor swap this summer.

Thanks John

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