Dubwars report

ed armstrong edshred2000 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 14 11:18:19 EDT 2003

Hi gang,

Spent yesterday at the Dubwars show and race in
Bakersfield, CA and had a good 'ol time.

Did a bit of drag racing for the first time in the
Audi 90tq which was fun. I was the slowest guy on the
track but the car ran fine with ~6 psi boost. My
fastest time in the 1/4 mile was 15.95 which is not
too bad considering my stock turbo setup and the hot
95 degF temperature. Plus I won (by default) the 16
sec class trial and came home with a big trophy! My
kids were impressed. Sometimes it pays to be slow.

Javads car was the champ. His best time was 13.2 or
so. He was blowin everyone away. I know drag racing is
not these cars forte but its fun nonetheless. I'll be
back next year hopefully with a lot more performance
to break into the 14 sec range. I know there is alot
these cars can do because I was beating more powerful
fwd VWs with 1.8 turbos and VR6s off the line only to
be caught in the last 1/2 of the run. With a few more
ponies things will be different next time.

There was a nice red turbo'd Audi GT on display. I
didn't get to meet the owner. Lister perhaps ? A
quattro'd Audi GT rally prepped car with road tires
was doing pretty well (at least from a noise
perspective) in the autoX and road race.

Also great seeing/meeting other listers Chris, Mike G,
John L., Richard and a few others. Hope to see more
Audis out there next year in the hot California sun!


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