Favorite Monkey Lad Tales?

Perry, Christoper (EDS) chris.perry at weyerhaeuser.com
Mon Jul 14 11:21:56 EDT 2003

Ah, it one of those things you either think "wow how efficient of the
engineers to run everything with common systems" or "what kind of morons
would run everything with common systems" ;^)

Kind of like the old Bug's using the spare tire pressure to spray the
windshield washer fluid.  Great unless it is really raining and then you get
a flat...

Chris Perry

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Perry, Christoper (EDS) wrote:

> >The bigger question is... how does a vacuum leak in the door lock
> mechanism
> >cause the other symptoms?!?

Well, Chris it's like this.....

The early series 123 MB Diesel motor needs a vacuum pump to operate
fuel shut off, power door locks, climate control (300 Diesel) and
transmission control rod pressure. Pop the hood on a 123 series MB
Diesel and you'll see vacuum lines everywhere. Today's cars use
electrical switched devices.

Ed Birch, Pennsylvania.

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