More ?? on 9007 vs 9004 bulbs rebuttal

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Mar 5 22:57:39 EST 2003

> Ok, more fuel for the fire.  I was kind of intrigued about getting better
> head lights on my 95 90q and decided to do some independent research.  Here
> is what I found.  Im confused now any truth to this?

1. if it is about lighting and Dan Stern said it, yes.

2. yes.

bandaids won't fix the headlights on 80's Audis.  1. the lenses are
probably so pitted they are junk.  2. the beam pattern is poor.  3.
there is typically a significant voltage drop by the time the juice gets
tot he filaments due to its roundabout path.  install relays.

I see no reason not to drop 3-500 oil dollars on a set of real
headlights for these cars.  did it to my 90Q asap.  the coupe was a bit
of another story, of course, for those with long memories...

> The 9004 and 9007 are not interchangeable for several reasons:
> 1) The filaments are in a different position, and oriented differently...
> 2) The pinout is different...
> 3) The keying on the base is different..

Huw Powell

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