Replacing the catalytic converter...

Yoder, Doug yoderw at
Mon May 5 18:13:57 EDT 2003

Gonna be replacing the cat on my fiance's '87 5ks wagon.  Looking for
hints, BTDT, etc, for the procedure... the general procedure I have is:
unbolt everything, place the new cat, using new gaskets/hardware, coat
the hardware with "hot bolt" grease, then tighten it all down.

Have a few questions about the procedure, and some about the cat itself.
  I'm just guessing that i should use new gaskets/hardware (the Haynes
manual says so, but I'm wondering how much of a difference it makes -
trying to do this as cheap as possible since the rest of the car is
pretty bad too...).
The car has a NF code engine and manual transmission.  Audi has two
seperate parts for the '87 5k cat, one for NF engines and oone for KZ...
I'm wondering what the difference is, as the only thing I can find is
the NF one has a square mounting bracket at the inlet and triangular at
the outlet, and the KZ one both are triangular (also the housing shapes
are different, NF is oval while KZ is round).  Does anyone know of a
difference in the converter itself, or are these cosmetic differences it?

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