V8 auto won't go in gear

Zsolt zsolt1@telusplanet.net
Sat, 24 May 2003 16:56:29 -0600

Thank you guys!

Although  I have already sold the car, I am trying to help out the new
owner as much as I can with advice and information. You were also right
on the money regarding the broken reference pin on the flywheel (which
was new BTW, since I had it recently replaced).

I will forward all the messages to him, and let's hope they will fix
what they broke.

Thanks again,
  88 5ktq

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> At 6:42 PM -0600 5/23/03, Zsolt wrote:
>> Naturally they did not use the retaining plates and managed to broke a
>> reference pin on the flywheel.
>> To get it replaced, they pulled the tranny back to get to the flywheel.
>> Now the car starts, but wont go into gear.
>> Any thoughts?
> Yes- it's not your problem...and it's probably risky to keep talking
> to the shop, much less giving them advice- they might turn around and
> tell the current owner "well, the PREVIOUS OWNER told us..."
> To quote Monty Python, "Run away!  Run awwaaaaaay!"
> So far they've managed to break a new item every time they've
> approached the car.  Advise the current owner to have the car
> flat-bedded to another shop, and to demand from the old shop the cost
> of towing the car and setting the transmission right; if they refuse,
> go to small claims court.
>   I'm assuming the shop did not charge parts nor labor for fixing the
> timing pin- if they did, include that in the $ figure.  Make sure the
> new shop takes pictures of any damage or monkey-wrenching.
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