A/C refrigerants ... r-12 to r-134a or HC

Ti Kan ti@amb.org
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 21:38:33 -0700 (PDT)

Andrew Buc writes:
> > Audi does not recommend converting any car with the York Type compressor with
> > good reason (some other compressors can be converted easier, but I have not
> > BTDT with any of those).
> Do they say exactly why not? I'll have to take a look and see what kind of
> compressor my '87 4kq has. If it's just a matter of a bit less efficiency, I
> could live with it--I live in Seattle, not Kinshasa.

The 4Kq has a York.  That compressor is a real clunker.  If you are
converting to R-134a I suggest changing to a Sanden SD-5 series with
an appropriate adapter bracket.

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