Audi warranty rut roh.

Bhatti, Mohammed
Thu, 12 Jun 2003 13:48:46 -0400

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I'm just wondering, how easy is it for us all to have a knee jerk reaction =
and take this person completely at his word.  Maybe he is right.  I guess w=
hat I'm trying to say is this, that nowdays with the iternet, email etc it'=
s sooooo easy to come up with a site and put your point of view forward.

Maybe this is a good thing i.e. large organizations better watch out becaus=
e we nowdays seem to have a lot of power to disseminate our message to a ve=
ry large audience very quickly.

I'd like to hear Diablos side of the story as well and what Audi has to say=
 before making any judgements.  I can also see Audi or any other manufactur=
er in the same situation, sticking to their guns.  What if we all started t=
o publish these web sites at the slightest annoyance from a manifacturer an=
d the manufacturer caved in immediately?  Good or bad?

Anyway, I seem to be rambling.  BTW, remember that old site called starbuck= published by a guy who didn't like Starbucks coffee.  Wonder if =
it's still up?

nomex on......


88 80q


Go to and type in audi usa and look at the
sponsored link story.  Ouch!  Pass it on to other Audi