CQ/7A turbo conversion questions

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  Mmmmm, i tought too it s not so easy to get a rear 20V turbo engine ;-),
was too simple.
  thks for info
  I think to get a 20V 90Q for my V8 swap. And put the head on my 100Q 2.3
block, 100Q is quite anemic.


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  The only problem with the NA engines is no oil squiters under the pistons
  and cast pistons, So watch the boost levels. The exception is any of the 4
  valve per cylinder VAG engines.

  Tony HOffman

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    Use a 2.3 NA block with your head.
    You ll get 8.1 approx CR.
    Use k24 from S4

    Thre is the best place and cheapest i foung for SS tubes to make
    2800 de Miniac St.
    St. Laurent QC Canada H4S 1K9
    t.  514.331.1339
    f.  514.331.1775

    2800 de Miniac St.
    St. Laurent QC Canada H4S 1K9
    t.  514.331.1339
    f.  514.331.1775

    Call intended acceleration for some pics about he did good one, for some
  good tricks to make one.

    Ask to Jim here and Javad. One did with a T03 flange and Jim with a
  k24,k26 flange.

    You can also get a Autocad draw of the SS flanges. (i heve it but i need
  to search, i m in lunch right now ;-)   )

    You can use the new the Megasquirt AVR (VEMS:Versatile Engine Management
  Systems) or Megasquirt , the Ultra coming soon   , much cheaper than
  but it need to adjust parameters and it s not a plug and play system, but
  very versatil.

    The Javad unit is a very good one, almost plug and play and dictated for
    Go see 034 site, Nates and Javad are posting much of time there now..

    Ðenis J

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    > I'm looking to do a turbo conversion on my '90 CQ.  I'm planning on
    > rebuilding a motor and going to an aftermarket EFI system (probably
    > Javad's).
    > What I've currently got:
    > A 1990 CQ with ~130kmi
    > A 5000cstq with ~210kmi
    > I was planning on doing an MC1 swap into the CQ, but the more I looked
    > at it, the better turboing the 7A looked.  I know there has been a
    > bit of discussion on this, but I have yet to find solid information on
    > what it would take.  It looks like I could run the 7A's head as-is
    > because it already had sodium filled exhaust valves, reasonable cams,
    > and is a 20v.  I would need to make a header with appropriate flanges,
    > do the intake and IC plumbing, lower the compression, and maybe better
    > crank bearings.
    > To lower the compression, it looks like my options are: more/thicker
    > headgaskets (kludge), or new pistons or connecting rods.  I did some
    > calculations, and to get to 8:1 from 10.3:1 would take a rod that was
    > 3mm shorter.  Is calculation correct and doable?  Or would new pistons
    > be a better/cheaper route?
    > Beyond these changes, what would I need to do?  As this is my first
    > major project, am I missing something really obvious (it seems like
    > isn't really ever done)?
    > TIA,
    > Chris
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