Steering rack questions

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Wed Aug 4 10:31:34 EDT 2004

Did you check the mounting for the rack at either end, but especially on
the driver side?  There's been a rack mount weakness that results in the
sheetmetal cracking.  Don't know if it applies to 90s or not, but it was an
issue for 4ks and s4 bodies.

At 07:28 AM 8/4/2004 -0400, David.Payne at wrote:
>The patient is a 1989 90q.  It seems like the rack has alot of play in the
>housing.  The rack will rotate by maybe 10 degrees and I can also wiggle it
>forward and back a little.  While driving, if you put a load on the rack
>(hard cornering) it feels like the rack will shift back a forth a bit, this
>will cause the steering wheel to be off by 20 degrees or so.  Taking a
>corner hard in the other direction will center the wheel back up.  This car
>has new control arm bushings, struts, and strut mounts.  It doesn't look
>like the subframe is moving any.  Any ideas?
>Thanks, Dave.
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