Vac Hose size #'s in FA???

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Aug 9 00:41:22 EDT 2004

> Anyone know what those numbers for vac hose size in the FA mean? I 
> usually see something like 3.5x3 or 4x3, but I'm not sure if the first 
> would be ID or OD... I'm guessing the second number is wall thickness??? 
> Anyone know what it's s'posed to be?
> Also I'd love to hear of any good sources of metric vacuum hoses for our 
> cars. 

Well, I don't know about those numbers, but the hose (which seems to run 
in two sizes, little and bigger) should be easy and cheap to get.  I buy 
mine from Atlantic Imported here in NH-USA (on the vendor list at the 
website, with any luck).

If your dealer is friendly they might actually be an ok source, but I've 
never priced it that way.

Huw Powell

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