Type85 AC converions to R134a

Stephen Santoliquido santoli9 at cox.net
Tue Aug 10 15:02:01 EDT 2004

> Remember the sensor
> measures the temp of the evaporator itself,

Agreed. But most people measure the temperature at the vents using a
household thermometer. So the actual surface temperature of the evaporator
could be significantly different.

> so just adjust
> it to cutoff before it reaches 32* and you'll be fine.

Perhaps. But generally with the factory setting for these switches, with the
original refrigerant, the compressor should be cycling at a nominal 40F
measured at the vents with the system stabalized (windows up, max AC for ~10
to 20 MINUTES) at average, shaded, ambient conditions (not 95F with the car
in the sun). And while settings lower than this may give you certain
bragging rights. I'm not sure there's any practical value to it. Unless...
Are you a butcher by trade? ;~)

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