monster projekt?

Eric Sanborn eric_audi.ql at
Wed Aug 18 07:05:08 EDT 2004

Chris Dyer wrote:

> PS: FWIW, tweaking an Audi V8 isn't worth it...CA's smog laws make it 
> easier to simply replace w/ a newer motor.

Just to comment, very few GM V8 engines are all aluminum.  According to 
some sources I have read the Audi V8 is actually lighter than the cast 
iron block 5 cylinder.  I know the LT1 is iron block, but I don't know 
much about the LS1.  Used to be the only Al GM V8 was a small 
displacment Buick engine that also came in Land Rovers for a while.  
This however would be older than your I-5.

Like someone else said with all the "other parts" you would probably 
want to go with aftermarket fuel injection or find a donar car (or both).

If you settle on something and move forward document it so the rest of 
us can experience it.

Good luck.

Eric Sanborn
'85 4ktq

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