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Bernie Strub bstrub at
Fri Aug 20 21:02:49 EDT 2004

You sed:

>Gary's going to drive the car and enjoy it.  He's already decided to
upgrade the wheels/tires (and keep the originals safe).  >Any suggestions on
rims/tire clearance?  He will run it at Audi track days at PIR too.

Glad to hear it.  All are welcome, we like lots of interesting cars!!!

>Up in Portland, a guy who's reputedly the heir to the Tektronix (sp?)
empire, has 34 Group B rally cars including two ASQs
>(not being perfectly familiar with all the Audi race version titles).  He
has R5 Turbos, MG Metro Turbos, RS-200s, Stratos'
>and plenty more.  Gary will find out who handles his ASQs for him.

Larry Vollum is a familiar face at the Audi Club driver education days at
PIR.  He has brought out a number of his toys, and even occasionally opened
his toybox for tours.  Actually he currently has only one Sport that I know
of, having sold the Malachite car to it's new adoring owner on the east
coast.  I had seen Larry drive each of his cars on track at PIR previously,
and it is truly a thing of beauty to see these cars expertly driven.

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