Power Windows...Door Jamb Sunroof not working

Stacy Anable qturbo at tiedyed.us
Sat Aug 21 14:10:13 EDT 2004

Scott - 


Thanks for the info.  I should have probably mentioned in my original post,
that I had just replaced all the wires in the door on Thursday night, and
the problem still persists, that why I had come to the conclusion that it
must be the power window controller. Does anyone have laying around that
they want to get rid of?


Thanks in advance!




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Stacy:  If your 5000 is like my 200, there is a thick gauge 10-12? wire in
the drivers door jamb which, when it broke on mine no windows would work and
the sunroof too..........  Connecting this wire makes everything work.
You'll need to spice the wires in the door jamb area. 
HINT:  Place long wire in to make the spices (two) in the door and under the
dash area. NOT in the door jamb as I butt splice themm in the jamb and they
lasted two door openings. 
HTH - Scott by BOSTON 

From: "Stacy" <> 

I am having an intermittent problem with losing power to my power 
windows/sunroof. I have taken out the yellow power window/sunroof controller

from under the dash, taken it apart and cleaned the contacts several times. 
This seems to help for awhile, and then it goes back to its old tricks of 
not having power sometimes. I suspect that this relay/controller just needs 
to be replaced. Does anyone have one of these laying around that they would 
like to sell? Also I think I need a new auto down relay.  Car is an 86 
5000CS Quattro 
Thanks in advance!! 


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