5ktq Clutch upgrades? and car update...

Jim Green jeg1976 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 25 15:20:05 EDT 2004

--- cody at 500tq.com wrote:

> Anybody know of any MC-1 clutch upgrades? Or maybe
> even (worse case) any
> upgrades for something with a compatable flywheel? I
> would hate to change the
> flywheel now since I have already brought mine down
> to 17lbs and shooting for
> 15lbs.
> Jim Green, you have any issues on the stock MC
> clutch yet? I suppose if I have
> to I'll just resurface the flywheel and use a stock
> disc, and maybe see about
> having the pressure plate rebuilt with stiffer
> springs.
> When the clutch gave way I was doign some runs with
> my new Escort Passport
> G-Timer (G-tech wana be), and it's pretty evident
> that I couldn't get the
> clutch to grab off the line...how about a 13.4 @
> 111.4mph!! I'm gunning for ya
> Jim...just at the momnent though I'm out of bullets
> heh.

Sweet, I may just head out to the strip tonight and
force you to get a larger gun:)  I've had good results
with the CQ PP and disk, but I'm right on the edge of
what it can take with a decent launch and an empty car
+ me at 3250lbs.  It will not take a hard launce if
the car's loaded to 3600 or so, it will just spin
away.... Javad's using a Stage 3 from
http://www.specclutch.com/specMain.html in his new
monster, I'll probably just get a stage 3 disk and use
the stock PP when the lightwieght FW goes in.

Jim Green
'89 90tq
'89 80q

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