This couldn't be a throwout bearing could it? (major chagrin)

Jonathan Monetti jmone3036 at
Fri Aug 27 22:12:18 EDT 2004

If the Q-List ever holds elections, I'd like to nominate myself for "Group

My bearing/tranny/clutch noise is simply a HD exhaust flex joint squeaking
like mad.  Couldn't tell until I had a second warm body around to rev while
I did some listening 'neath.  Sorry/thanks to those who took my hysterics
seriously.  Not enough blood in my caffeinstream yesterday, I guess.

And I'd like to take a moment to say that my 87.5 CGT is probably the single
funnest, swiftest (vs. fastest or know what I mean), most
grin-inspiring car I have ever owned.  The brakes feel every bit as as good
as my '02 1.8tq's, I love finding torque pretty much everywhere, and even
with only half the suspension done and riding around on crappy Sears
Pirellis, it handles like a go cart.

It's just a hell of a lot of fun to drive!!

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> --- Jonathan Monetti <jmone3036 at> wrote:
> > Finally got my euro's in (bright like the sun!) so
> > took my first extended
> > drive since TB change.
> >
> > The drive went fine.  But slow up the driveway and
> > into the garage, I heard
> > a not-too-loud, but very present, squeaking from the
> > drivetrain.
> >
> > With the clutch pedal fully depressed there is no
> > odd noise regardless of
> > RPM.  But as the clutch is let out, I can hear a
> > high pitched, lumpy/uneven
> > squeaking that continues as the car is put into
> > gear.
> >
> > I always understood a bad T.O. bearing would do the
> > opposite (pedal
> > down->noise).  Are there exceptions to that rule?
> > Or will a failing pilot
> > bearing make this sound?
> Nope, it's your TO bearing.  Mine did it for about 40k
> miles before the turbo swap.  Pretty annoying, but it
> probably still has some life in it.  You'll know when
> it really fails...
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