a3 on the way to NA

Matt Evans matt at mattevans.org
Mon Aug 30 21:14:51 EDT 2004

The review states that the DSG shifts for you at redline.

Anyone here drive a DSG ?  Is this true ?  I'd like to be in charge of
firing whomever decided that a manual gearbox should shift for you when you
don't want it to.

Re: VAG AWD vehicle: why not a Golf R32 ?  It's probably not a sedan, but..

I don't think sales will tank with no Quattro - how are Audi's no Quattro
cars doing now ?  There are plenty of B5 A4 FWD cars around used, so
somebody must have bought them new..

Enthusiasts are just going to have to accept that NO German car company
making sedans has your interests at heart.  Not BMW, Not Audi, definitely
not MB.

(the next VW Passat will be transverse layout.  The Passat Wagon TDI is
automatic only.  Blah blah)

88 BMW M5 (a drivers car, with only 1 drivetrain option, the right one)
88 Audi 90Quattro (an acceptable winter car with only one drivetrain worth
00 VW Passat Wagon (an acceptable wife's car with no drivetrains worth
buying, but FWD 5speed is better than FWD automatic :/)

> To: Chris Dyer
> Cc: quattro at audifans.com
> Subject: Re: a3 on the way to NA
> No Quattro until March 2006????
> WTF?
> I think sales will tank with no quattro available.
> I had this on my list as a possible replacement for my '93 90S next 
> summer, but NOT without quattro.
> I wanted the 2.0T, DSG, and quattro.
> The Jeep Liberty Diesel is looking better all the time.
> If VW and Audi can't step up with a nice AWD small sedan 
> (Golf 5 or A3) 
> then the heck with 'em. I'll shop elsewhere.

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