81 UrQ in need of turbo replacement

Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Wed Mar 3 11:00:28 EST 2004

Mike, I did it while rebuilding head and I took the head off with manifolds and turbo on it.  I practiced on junk yard before doing it on my car with purpose of training and getting spare head for practicing porting job, not cracked manifold and spare turbo.  I could not remove just turbo due to one nut (to EM, it seems to me) has almost no access for wrench.  I had to remove the head with EM,IM and turbo. Finally I got only turbo which turned very useful as I broke the shaft on my turbo while rebuilding it and I borrowed shaft from it.
Later when I put everything back on the car I found the way to get to that nut - Sears 15mm 45deg offset box wrench worked well.  Little clearence but enough to tighten the nut, with a lot of patience and other things around removed (don't remember what but nothing major).
Next time I need to remove a turbo I will try to do it without removing a head.  Those nuts are made of titanium, probably, don't rust and I think it is possible.

Sorry for not much details - I did it 2 years ago.


>> Hey list,
>> I've never had the pleasure of replacing an Audi turbo before, and welcome
>> any BTDT and or tips.  How big of a project is it?
>> Mike Bond
>> 5Qs

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