A night at the strip....

Scott Hinckley audi at thehinckleys.com
Mon Mar 8 13:16:19 EST 2004

At 08:41 AM 3/8/2004, Brett Dikeman wrote:
> >Best I managed was 14.914 @94, with a full tank of gas, ronal 
> R28's(adding about 60 pounds on their own) and a TON of garbage in the 
> back seat and >trunk(toolboxes, whole 9 yards).

Having done all my speed events as part of SCCA or local auto clubs that 
are heavily influenced by SCCA it is rather surprisingto hear that you can 
go out on a track with loose objects in the car. We were always taught to 
think of them as weapons waiting to bite (you hit a wall at speed and 
everything behind you comes forward at that same speed).


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