2000 A6Q Rear Brake service info needed

Franco Barber feb at febsun.cmhnet.org
Mon Mar 8 21:50:39 EST 2004

At 4:59 PM -0500 3/8/04, David Ritter wrote:
>I don't yet own the tool for spinning the piston back into the calipers,
>anyone know of a good source in the US?

To get the rear piston to go in requires simultaneously turning while
pushing with a LOT of force.  The piston tools at Sears or NAPA can be
used to turn or push, but with them it's difficult to simultaneously
turn and push hard enough.  I used to use a piston spreading tool
while simultaneously turning the piston with a pair of slip joint
pliers:  this is dangerous because it might score the piston or
mess up the seal.

A tool like the following:
is a much better idea.   It can push and turn at the same time.

I have a tool that looks just like the one in that picture, but I bought
it on eBay last year.  I only found the above link today in a google
search.  It really looks like it came from the same source.

I haven't actually had a chance to use it yet so I can not honestly
say if its easy to use or not.


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