V8 Flywheel

Denis Julien sparkplugvw at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 10 09:55:25 EST 2004

I called places and they di not qote but told me it ll be higher than a
dealer unit....

I ll try other places.

A common Flywheel ll cost much less, but a one shot unit cost pesos.

Denis J

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> Is it not possible to buy a performance aftermarket item? Ie lightened and
> balanced? Something like that would usually be cheaper than the factory
> part.
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> Well Jeff, i could not find any close to America ( Jorgen can help me) .
> by chance i may find it, the shipping cost for that heavy part exced the
> flywheel cost so the total cost: parts+shipping+nice canada and quebec
> taxes+money exchange.
> exceed the cost of the new one from the full price at the dealer.
> I called the dealer last week and asked why i can by Audi part from a
> at the 35% discount for parts and at the dealer they cant make any
> !!! maybe 15% = taxes.
> The f*(?%&$/ taxes here eat (heat me) our wallet and make me feel as a
> mexican with low salary and his money is almost nothing compare to other
> countries's money. So it become impossible to buy bigs thing without take
> mortage , something outside the Quebec nice province....
> Denis Julien
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