86 4kq ignition switch/clutch over center spring help

Shaggs1996 at aol.com Shaggs1996 at aol.com
Sat Mar 13 11:33:27 EST 2004

Hey, trying to RR the ignition switch in my 86 4kq CE.  I cant seem to figure 
out (sadly) how the wiper/turn signal stalks come off.  I removed the 3 long 
screws Bentley describes, and all the electrical connections, and yes, the 
steering wheel.  The stalks just dont seem to want to come off easy.  Any BTDT on 
this?  After that, getting to the switch "should" be easy, correct?
Also, gotta change the clutch over center spring.  Looked yesterday, and wow, 
its tucked way up there.  Any easy way or tips you guys have for changing 
this out?  Ive got skinny hands, but that doesnt matter, its tucked way up there.
Any help is appreciated.

Mike in Indiana
85 4k
86 4kq CE

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