Beware of this guy

Eric_R_Kissell at Eric_R_Kissell at
Wed Mar 24 10:30:00 EST 2004

Let's see if I understand this correctly.

1. This guy (Matt Mattia) offered you parts for sale.

2. You and this guy (Matt Mattia) agreed on a price.

3. You paid the agreed upon price to this guy (Matt Mattia).

4. This guy (Matt Mattia) accepted payment for the parts.

5. You took delivery of the parts from this guy (Matt Mattia), who
willingly gave them to you.

6.  This guy (Matt Mattia) then ask for a part back because he unwittingly
sold it on eBay concurrent to your business transaction.

7. Now this guy (Matt Mattia) is admonishing you because you will not
return the part to him so he can deliver it to the eBay auction winner even
though your transaction was completed in a proper manner that was agreeable
to both you and him prior to his discovery that he had sold a part on eBay
that he no longer owned.

Geesh. This guy (Matt Mattia) sounds like a sad case. I particularly like
the part of his email where this guy his guy (Matt Mattia) complains about
"people like you that makes people like me into cutthroat business assholes
that never give anyone a break."

Yes, this guy (Matt Mattia) called _himself_ an asshole. The first step to
recovery is admitting that you have a problem : -)

You have no legal reason to return the part to his guy (Matt Mattia).

Now as far as your moral obligation, unless it was a very rare part, I
would offer to sell it back to this guy (Matt Mattia)

for $500 more than you paid ; -)


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