Audi sales success

Lee Levitt lee at
Thu Mar 25 12:30:09 EST 2004

Jon writes:
> Dealers here still have a "can't do" attitude. Heck, my dad's 
> getting a new A4 on Monday. I sent 9 dealers an e-mail saying what I 
> wanted, cash deal, name a price. The dealer that is 5 (FIVE!) minutes away

> didn't even respond!
> Wow, guess they're just selling like crazy. Funny, when I 
> drive by their remote lot they certainly have upwards of 40+ A4s sitting, 
> white wrapping paper in place, waiting for buyers. Guess they're all 
> pre-sold (*wink).

Dealers will generally ignore online shoppers as they are just
that...shoppers. Very few of these shoppers turn into customers, so they
just play the odds. An increasing number of dealers are dedicating one or
more sales people to handle web inquiries, but the expectation is that this
is a very different business than what they're accustomed to.

Here's a better method of getting a good deal.

Get the name of the sales manager at each of the dealers you're targeting.
Tell them that you'll be sending them a fax with a detailed request.

Then send a fax stating exactly what you want and a deadline for a detailed
response (best/final offer). Say you'll be taking the best offer at that

Then send the fax to each of the dealers, and make sure that they see who
else is getting the fax :)

Some will respond, others won't. Take the best deal :)


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