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Try calling this shop.  I found this in my archives; it's about 10 old.
BTW, Dan had a head failure on his Ur q sometime after Fumio did the
port and polish. The blame, if I remember correctly, was assigned to a
failed inner valve spring. 

>	Fumio Fukaya Enterprises
>	3941 Alamo St.
>	Riverside, CA 92501
>	909-784-1251
>This guy has been modifiying heads for over 25 years, and says he's
>intimately familiar with VW/Audi stuff.  He's the guy Techtonics used
>send their heads to before they got their own flow bench.  He's a 
>Japanese immigrant, so he's kind of hard to understand, but he sure
>to know what he's talking about (and he's cheap too!!!).
>                                                    Dan Bocek

Anyone ever hear from Dan? He sure was a great contributor to the list. 

Bruce Bell

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Anyone know of a reputable shop to have head work done in the So Cal
I guess I could ship it out if it was worth it.   Also, I've heard I can
in valves from a NG code motor, good upgrade.   What about getting a NG
and swapping my WR cam into it?

Mike Bond

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