tire size question

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Wed Nov 10 08:33:15 EST 2004

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> Subject: tire size question
> Admittedly I might be a cheap bastard for doing this but I found a good set 
> of Continental snow tires that a neighbor was throwing away.  The size is 
> similar but not exact to the factory recommendation for my '89 200tqa.  So my 
> question is will a set of 205/65/15 tires fit my vehicle.  Anybody tried this 
> configuration?  They are taller than the specified 205/60/15's. Thanks in advance 
> for all replies.  
> Phillip Edmonds
> Madison, WI USA 
> '89 200tqa   
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As long as you run them at all 4 corners, I see no reason it wouldn't workl. Just keep in midn that it will throw your speedo off...


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