Need a wagon soon...

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Fri Nov 12 22:50:43 EST 2004

I don't understand your statements:

The A4 is no smaller than the 325xi, so if these are contenders, space
differences are not an issue. The type44 avant is unusually large, as
is a Saab 9000- makes it very difficult to look at any other cars for
cargo hauling use.

The allroad is no worse for gas mileage than any of the other larger wagons.

The BMW does not have any significant reliability issues that I'm aware of.

Subaru does not have trans issues except for people who really abuse
the cars- a guy I know autox'es his WRX regularly and has no issues at
all- people need to learn how to shift gears properly and stop doing
dumb stuff like 6500 rpm clutch drops.

I don't see how Subaru has a "better AWD system in their automatics."
The DCCD system in my STi is about as state-of-the-art as Subaru gets.

Hate to say it, but if cargo capacity is your number one priority and
you still want decent fuel economy and reliability, the best vehicle
for that use would be a Toyota Sienna AWD minivan. Around 25-27mpg
highway, 18-21mpg city, very nice 5-speed auto, very smooth engine,
nice useful interior design, great cargo ability and accessibility (I
spent a weekend moving with one of these, loved it). Obviously at
altitude, they will be at a loss, but the TRD supercharger would fix
that. Surprisingly not that bad to drive either- good shocks, better
tires, larger and wider wheels and good brake pads would be all it
needs to be REALLY nice.


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