Was: Typ 89 Oil press sender, Now: Oil PITA

tihol tiholov tihol.tiholov at sd27.bc.ca
Mon Nov 15 00:32:21 EST 2004

Thanks Huw, Tom and Tony for your helpful replies.  
Changed both oil press senders - on top of each other on the driver's side (driving on right)engine block.  The PITA comes from the oil warning symbol stil activating at 3K RPM or running through the check system with ignition on only and engine not running.
If anyone can enlighten me re: the check system run and check up, and does the oil temp sensor trigger it, too, I'd be erenally grateful.  BTW, the oil press gauge shows spec variable pressure.  All this started after renewing timimg belt, tensioner, water pump, seals and forgetting to replace a bolt on the oil pump, which caused minor but messy oil leak.  Leak now fixed, need to get rid of symbol.



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