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I just dealt with this myself, get under the back of the car, locate
the rear diff and look in the drivers side of it, there will be a u
shaped piece of metal with an actuator bolted to it and two vac lines
going in, only one will really be visible. Check to make sure its
attached and the line is in good shape. If its shot replace it, while
your down there clean off the actiator arm with some brake cleaner and
then hit it with some deep creep to free it up a bit.
Then get in the car and drive it arouns SLOWLY, turn the knob to lock
the center diff, you shoudl hear a small thunk and you will the car be
a little reluctant to turn sharply...if so then your debnter is
locked, turn it to position two, this will keep your center diff
locked and also lock the rear diff, now try to turn the car again and
it should not really want to turn tight at all...if so your good to
The other more risky way to tell is to put the car up on jack stands,
all four corners MUST be off the ground safely, (DONT USE A JACK TO
SUPPORT THE CAR EVER!!!! )remove the wheels...start motor and put in
gear (DO NOT USE ANY THROTTLE AT ALL) remain in the drivers seat and
have a helper walk around the car, since its in gear, lock the center
diff (pos. 1 on the switch), see if you get a side of the cars drive
brakes turning....then switch to pos 2 and check to see if BOTH rear
brakes are turning...if non of the above happens, start tracing vac
lines. Pull the diff selsctor panel out and make sure that it is
plugged in correctly to the vac harness, then check the nipples on all
the acutators, they are plastic and tend to break off....good luck, be
patient and most of all BE SAFE.


On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 14:11:05 -0800 (PST), Ti Kan <ti at amb.org> wrote:
> Mr. Reginald S. Archer writes:
> > What would cause the 4WD to not work?  Is there any troubleshooting I =
> > can do to find out what the problem is.  I cannot switch the 4wd on, or =
> > better yet, switching it on has no effect, the "on" indicator lights on =
> > the panel do not come on either. =20
> Your car is always in all-wheel drive mode.  The switch allows you
> to lock the center or the center and rear differentials (to allow
> you to get unstuck from very loose surfaces).
> If the lights don't come on when you turn the differential lock knob,
> it could be because of vacuum line problems to the differentials,
> or simply bad indicator lights.
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