Wheel bearing question (solution)

Alexander Lee thomas_three at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 22 08:41:14 EST 2004

The camber setting was changed.  The alignment cured the wheel vibration.

Thanks all.


>From: "John McMahon" <jfm at nts-online.net>
>To: "Alexander Lee" <thomas_three at hotmail.com>
>Subject: Re: Wheel bearing question
>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 21:00:43 -0500
>If replacement of that wheel bearing eliminated the howling/whirring sound,
>then he identified the correct one.  If the vibration first manifested
>itself following the bearing replacement, then it is more than likely it is
>something involving that very wheel.  I'd go back in and check the torque
>values on EVERY fastener that he might have touched.
>If the mechanic over-torqued the wheel bolts, it may be that the disk rotor
>is now warped, but allow a fresh 4-wheel alignment see if it can eliminate
>the vibration, first.
>Do you feel it in the brake pedal if/when you brake at 65+ mph?
>Possibilities:  (1) the tie rod ball-joint threaded stud is loose in the 
>carrier arm, or has failed, (2) the camber setting was changed, (3) the 24
>mm end bolt is loose, (4) the lower control arm ball-joint is loose/failed.
>Good luck, and please let the list know the solution.
>----- O

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