quattro chassis build-up

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  I considered reverse the diff on a quattro tranny to make a AWD sport dune buggy but...... it need to cut and weld the tranny and alot of machining.

  I then looked at a synchro bus,,,,mmmmm an old rusty one is been sold here for 3500$cdn.... with high mileage... so....

  I saw a site 4 years ago. The guys took a VW tranny and machine a cap to add a drive shaft flange.
  He used a datsun 280z or 240 rear diff as a front diff, (i dont remember exact) and a SAAB 99 front suspension on a Bug body. He did a tub front frame.... if i remember i think is 012 tranny but mmm (really not sure)
  I never saw this site again,, i did tried to find it again.....

  The rally car was 4x4 front lock with the rear cause the drive shaft is direct on the front diff....

  it was titled 'My rally car'....

  Maybe put the Quattro tranny up side down , so for the front diff. ;-)


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    No, but you could consider a VW camper. You would need to flip the 
    differential (not sure if its possible in the Audi box, but most Porsche 
    trannys I deal with are) so you dont have 5 speeds of reverse. You could 
    consider a Syncro bus, but they are somewhat rare and the driveline is 
    fragile. The 5cyl motor is known to fit in the van, there was a 5cyl factory 
    van made for a short time even. The space is there, the coolness is there, 
    and hey it would be practical too (have enough torque + quattro = go camping 
    in very remote places!).

    -Cody Forbes
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    '88 90 4cyl

    Jonathan Farrugia wrote:
    > Jim
    > thanks so much this was the kind of stuff that i was looking for.  i
    > have this 5kq hanging around that i think i would like to make a toy
    > car/truck/van out of :).  on that note does anyone know of a van that
    > used front wheel drive and a longitudinally mounted engine?
    > jonathan
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