Fw: 6" Ronals and Fuchs: wheel design

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 17:03:07 EST 2004

Actually, I don't think the Fuchs really complement the lines of the
Type 44 at all.

My list of wheels that look nice on a Type 44:

Fikse FM/5 (but a bit too big- they need to be 17" not 18")
Fikse FM/10
HRE 540
AZEV Type A (very bold and brash, I like it)
Oettinger RE (more of a classic look, nice polished lip)
BBS RS (timeless classic, very hard to keep clean)
Rondell 58 (an update of the BBS RS)
OZ Crono Evolution (need to remove the OZ logo on the spoke, look kind of small)
Audi S6 Avus (C5 chassis, 17x8 ET35)

Then again, I didn't think the Fuchs looked all that great on a 911,
either- the color-coded ones on late-eighties 930s were not that bad,

looking for 17x8.5 version of JDM STi (made by Rays) wheel, otherwise
probably getting Enkei ES-Tarmac 17x8.5 and refinished in bronze
powdercoat with polished lip

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