86 4KQ for sale $300 !!

barry at bit-net.com barry at bit-net.com
Tue Nov 30 09:35:49 EST 2004

Everyone keeps asking for pictures, so I posted some with the ad at:



>Located in Nashua, NH
>1986 4000 Quattro, mileage unknown (broken odometer) but probably around

>Black with red interior. Paint is all there but most of the clear coat has
pealed off. Leather interior is fair, drivers seat poor.

>Not the prettiest car, but very drivable. I drive it to work every day
(about 50 miles) and will continue to do so until it's sold.

>New clutch, brakes, and tires two years ago. New CV boots a week ago. I've
kept it up and was going to drive it another year but I found a deal on an
A4Q that I couldn't pass up.

>email with questions, or come for a drive.

>Nashua, NH - right off RT 3.


>barry at bit-net.com

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