Non-working key fob

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Fri Sep 24 00:40:03 EDT 2004

You too!?!?

If you come up with anything, please let me know. I have EXACTLY
your symptoms (I'm assuming you have a 2 button RF remote,i.e.
95.5 S6 (C4 chassis)) and I've tried EVERY sequence suggested by the list
the May or June '04 archives) and the Bentley procedure, and 
standing on my head when pressing the buttons. For the moment,
I've given up, so when a colleague goes to her Camry this afternoon
(after an annoyingly late meeting) and remote unlocks her car, I'm
jealous. Anyway, if you work something out, let me know. I'll do the
same, although I have NO ideas. And, just case, yup, using both
keys. Worse yet, this was the remote that came with the car, and it
worked fine until the battery died.


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