New A6 Avant ...

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Tue Aug 2 01:13:40 EDT 2005

I was at a local dealer to pick up some parts for my next (and hopefully
final) attempt at passing smog ... and decided to peek around the showroom
... walking down the hall I saw some wicked looking P-cars ... but then I
found my way to the Audi side.  The quest was to get information on the new
A6 Avant ... Audi's website indicates that it will be out "this summer" ...
but with little other details on availability.  Well, what do I find but a
lovely blue example sitting on the show room floor!  I talked to the sales
guy a bit ... he didn't have any literature ... he indicated that they
weren't supposed to be available yet, but he had two on site!

>From my POV this is the first Audi Avant I would consider a replacement for
my T44 Avant.  The roofline tapers down toward the rear of the car ... kinda
reminds me of the Dodge Magnum a bit.  The liftgate is reminscent of the T44
... too bad it isn't like the Magnum in this regard ... It would be nice if
it gave a bit more clearance.  I also wish that the car had a larger
sunroof.  I think I'll take a test drive when I have time ... I'd love to be
able to see how that direct injection (SEFI) engine runs ... the numbers are
better than my 3.6liter V8s.  I only wish that I had the option of a manual
tranny ...

As I was leaving the show room I noticed the RS6 that I had blazed past when
I had entered ...

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)

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