NAC - going to Kentuky - places to visit?

Dave C dconner at
Thu Aug 18 13:32:13 EDT 2005

If you want to see horse farms, the Billionaire variety, you should
drive the ten mile stretch of US 421 heading west out of Lexington. 
Just be careful to watch the road!  It's narrow and the scenery is
terribly distracting with almost no place to pull over.  I suspect the
lack of places to pull off the road is deliberate due to the high
value properties along the road

You might enjoy a tour of one of the whiskey distilleries.  One that
offers tours is in the vicinity of Lexington, Labrot & Graham ... read
about it here...

Another one offering tours, Makers Mark, is about 50 miles southwest
of Lexington at Loretto, KY.

There's also Mammoth Cave National Park.  It's in the same area as the
Makers Mark Distillery.

How about Fort Knox?  Also in the same vicinity but probably not
offering tours of the gold vault... security concerns dontcha' know.

Dave C.

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