4kq, slipping clutch :(

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 6 13:35:59 EST 2005


While I agree with you, I must add this info: 

The return spring (431 721 403) at the pedal top achieves a dual action: it
helps push down the pedal to the floor, but it also keeps the pedal at its
top position. That's why it's called an overcenter spring by Audi. To test
its dual function, it is easy. When the hydraulics are empty, the pedal can
stay up or down all by itself if the spring is in good shape.

1983 Quattro with all new clutch, bearing, master, slave and return spring.

> Yup, hydraulic problem it is. The "return" spring on the pedal assembly
> isn't, actually it pushes the pedal down. The return force is provided
> by the clutch pressure plate diaphragm spring via the throw out
> bearing, clutch force, slave cylinder, fluid, and master cylinder. When
> the hydraulic system no longer seals and keeps a direct relationship
> between pedal position and throw out bearing position then the pedal
> starts getting lower and lower and/or magically sinks down to the floor
> by itself. 
> Roy Wendell
> Morgantown WV, USA
> turbo quattro type 44 times 3

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