Now: Fumoto Valve, Was: Amateur auto engineering

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Mon Jan 3 10:22:58 EST 2005

Although I'd recommend any Audi owner to run, not walk, from Fram oil
filters, I have one of their drain valves installed on my '87 5ktq.  The
thing I like about it is that you don't have to get your fingers doused in
hot oil to drain the engine (although I usually do get a hot oil soak from
the filter change).  I use disposable gloves and seemed to always cut them
on a burr on the plug, letting some oil in.  The hose idea is a good one,
and there's an o-ringed knurled cap to keep offending road debris away from
the valve.  You don't have to replace (or re-anneal) the washer each time as
well.  The negatives are that the orange plastic hose tends to fall off of
the brass fitting (easily fixed with a pipe clamp) and there's always an
oily fitting/hose in a bag in my trunk.
Steve Sears
1987 Audi 5kTQ
1980 Audi 5k
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes
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> I've been tempted to put one of these on my CGT. What's the general
consensus on these? I worry that they might come open or get hung up on
something and get opened while driving and dump all my oil out. Thoughts?
> Dave
> 1987 CGT 2.3
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> > You mean Fumoto?  Try
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> > (  I had a couple of ball valves that replaced the
> > >crankcase drain nuts on a couple of older cars, but the company that
> > >them seems to have gone bust.

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