European Car project 4000Q back issues anyone?

Ti Kan ti at
Thu Dec 21 05:48:35 EST 2006

eric harten writes:
> I am getting ready to put an ICE ac conversion kit in my UrQ (the
> old R12 "Tower of Power" system was ripped out years ago).  Someone had
> mentioned that back in in 96? European Car magazine installed one of these
> kits on their Project 4000Q.  Does anyone have a copy of this article?
> I would love some BTDT on this AC conversion project.  The kit comes
> with a new rotary compressor, bracket and lines.  I am also replcing
> the condenser, dryer and expansion valve.  The lack of ACin Hawii is
> getting to me.  Thanks

It was in a 1986 issue, the magazine was then called "VW & Porsche"
and the AC kit was installed in their Coupe GT with Callaway turbo
conversion.  It was necessary because the original York compressor
interfered with the turbo fitment.  The AC conversion bits were
supplied along with the turbo kit, but the magazine really didn't go
into any detail about its installation.  So, there isn't any useful
information to be had about the AC bits there.

I did a similar swap in my 4000 because the York compressor was shot,
the lines were leaky and R12 was too expensive.  So, I went with an
ICE AC bracket for a Sanden SD-5 series R-134 compressor and had
a local shop fab the lines for me.  I also replaced the receiver/drier,
expansion valve and all o-rings.  This was done several years ago and
it's still working well.

Ti Kan
Vorsprung durch Technik

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