Axels for a Coupe GT 2.3?

David Ullrich david.ullrich at
Thu May 4 17:43:10 EDT 2006


I had my axels replaced bya local shop about 5 years ago. The CVs were bad
(clicking) and they only do whole axel replacements to save labor. They came
with a lifetime warranty...they ened to be redone. The problem? They say
they can't get them anymore! They said that if I found them, they would get
them and do the work...but theya re giving up on looking. And Carlisle is
only a couple weeks away!!!

So, anyone know where I can get some rebuilt axils? More
specifically...anyone know where THEY can get them? Remember...they are
different than the onces for the 2.2...the Coupe GT 2.3 Special Build? it
uses a FWD 092 tranie...but I don't know the specifics on the axels. Or are
there any other Audis that use the same Axels? Help...PLEASE!!!!


1987 Coupe GT 2.3

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