Type44 AC Compressors - Rebuilts?

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Fri May 12 12:06:45 EDT 2006

> Remanufactured ones are available, I believe.  I haven't priced any
> for the type 44, but sometimes new ones may not cost that much more.
>> Forgot a question...can you replace just the clutch on an AC
>> compressor?
> The clutch may or may not be available as a separate spare part.  You
> should check with an auto AC specialist.
> -Ti

A model wasn't specified, but heres some prices for a '86 5ktq that you can 
arm yourself with when you go to buy your parts via a WorldPac vendor:

AC Delco (GM) style compressor by Four Seasons Reman - list price $301, 
WorldPac vendor's cost $173.97 with a $7.50 core charge.

NipponDenso compressor, reman - list $751.36, cost $449.91, $66 core
Four Seasons (Denso replacement) **W/O** clutch - list $727, cost $420.06, 
$100 core

Clutch only (doesn't list which compressor it fits, so I assume it fits 
both) NEW - list's for $535.54, cost through WorldPac is ***$96.79***, no 
core charge.

I hope that can save you some money, especially if you buy just the clutch.

-Cody Forbes (WorldPac vendor that's not scared to tell the truth about what 
goes on behind the scenes)
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