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Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at
Tue May 30 09:43:34 EDT 2006

my MCII seems to be having some curious alternator /
electrical issues 
that stem from an iffy battery.
(and an eversoslightly slack v belt, but that's
another story).
you can tell that the alternator is working hard.
not surprised that they fail at idle in heavy traffic
in hot weather.
just imagine all of that load form the ac, the fan,
the blower and the 
cigarette lighter working flat out
New battery this week methinks, before the transport
union in montreal 
call the boys out on strike.........

i thought that the temp could get to 110  ish before
there was a 
problem. since the coolant is pressurised the boiling
point will be 
above 100C.
doubtless someone will correct me on this.

Max, you say that the gauge climbs over 100C but are
you 100% sure that 
the temp sensor is still bang on to a few degrees or
to be honest though, most of the vehicles that i've
had didn't have 
numbered temp gauges, so all i see is Cold - Warm -
Hot - Too Hot and 
don't have to worry about numbers that may or may not
relate to what is 
going on in the engine.
Unless the gauge is massively over to the right and
the rad fan is off, 
i don't worry (about the coolant that is, there are
other things that i 
DO worry about).

Geraint Lloyd 
People's Republic of Canadia
'89 200 TQA MCII
'87 Group N Golf 2 GTI, 8v, RHD

cobram at wrote:
>  "Max Hoepli" <mhoepli at> writes:
>> Anyone had any experiences with Audi type 44s
overheating and 
>> failing alternators? I get nervous when the
temperature gage gets 
>> around 100C or even a bit over in slow traffic with
air conditioning 
>> on and in very slow traffic.
> If you have the correct battery in the car, failure
rate isn't any
> higher.  But with a smaller than recommended battery
or marginal battery
> your alternator will have to carry a much heavier
load when stressed.
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getting what you
> want, the other is getting it.
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