Fw: [audi20v] Audi but non 20 V content - Please Help!

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 10 12:18:53 EST 2006

Krafstoffepompe kontrol

My 1st guess would be that the fuel pump relay is
either that or the feed from the negative side of the
coil to the relay
is open circuit
this tells the relay that the engine is running and so
kills the fuel
supply if you have an 'off' that stalls the engine
avoiding the risk of
spraying petrol from a ruptured fuel line.

the relay has a timer and will run the pump for 2 to 5
secs when you
crank in order to give fuel pressure to start the car,
after that it
relies on the signal from the coil to keep the pump
running thereafter.

find the relay, pull it out and put a jumper across
the pump terminals
(most often corresponding to the BIG terminals on the
some KE-Jet / CISE fuel pump relays have space in the
top for a fuse
that should make the pump run all the time (replicates
the effect of the
jumper described above).
if you have space for a fuse, try fitting one
if that lets the car run then you have one of the 2
problems described
above, however you would be no where near the first
person in the world
to have a dead K-Jet fuel pump relay.
NOTE, both the jumper and fuse make the pump run all
of the time,
bypassing the safety features of the relay. they
should be used for
diagnosis only. Some people do fit  a jumper or a fues
and drive to the
shop to buy a replacement, but they do that on their
own conscience.

You haven't just changed the coil have you?
Or did this just start happening with no under-bonnet
intervention on
your behalf?


Wylie Bean wrote:
> forwarded ... I have no experience with this engine.
> I'm sure someone else here does.
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Please Help!
>> Hi guys, having a problem with the '86 Coupe GT
(engine will start, turns
>> for 2 or 3 seconds and then dies), if someone can
and is willing to help
>> please e-mail me off-list at gstroe at cogeco.ca.
Thank you and much obliged,
>> George
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