can an admin fix my old mail subscription [SPAM Score rating "3.000"]

Robin Hodder robin.hodder at
Fri Sep 15 04:46:24 EDT 2006

	Is this a hint that the replying etiquette is 'below' rather than 'above'?
that's one of the fascinating debates that was raging last time I was
looking at this list. What was the outcome of that one?

	Anyway, I had the 'receiving digest, but posts getting lost' problem just
start up randomly one day prolly over a year ago. I only just set up this
present account a couple of days ago, so there has been no duplication of
any sort till now.

	So I'm gonna follow the good peoples advice and un-sub my 'home' account
for a while and then try and re-sub.

	Cheers Rob.

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)))))))look below(((((((((

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>	Hi Gang,
>	First , thanks for all the FA offers that have whizzed
>straight in.
>	I've certainly enjoyed being able to post to the list
>again via this new account I've created, but for obvious
>professionalism reasons I'd prefer to be able to be able to do
>this from home rather than at work.

Hi Robin Hood,

I think your problem may be that you have more than one email address on the
Q list.  I've had that problem more than once.  The last time I looked the
registry is down for maintenance and you probably have an email address
there that hasn't been changed.  Also, you must send mail to the Q list with
the same email address that you receive email from the list with.



Jim Jordan

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