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Sean cole v8coupe at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 21:08:49 PST 2007

Here is my take on this.

So you are all debating weights options power levels and such here you go
i'll let you in on a little secret.  The V8 is lighter then the 1.8t and the
20vt beats both of them.  The 1.8t heads are freaking heavy and the blocks
are cast iron.  Now throw a bog SS manifold on it and a giant turbo and it's
as heavy as any of the RS2 spec engines.  The V8 is all aluminum and is
50lbs lighter then the 20vt.  Now the 1.8t is a little lighter then the V8
stock, but once you go for more power it isn't.

The Power issue is a moot point as I have yet to see a seriously built
V8(32v), except for a few rare engines one of which is sitting outside my
house right now.  Now the 3.6L might seem weak only tipping the scales at
240HP, but that is bone stock and not even close to it's limit.  I know
there are options out there, as I have helped develop some of them, to get
more power from these engines.  Yes TT'ing is the fastest and in theory the
best for all out power, but at what cost 9k above the cost of the engine,
and large amounts of complexity?

There is a chip that is drop in for the 3.6L that brings it from 240HP to
273hp (33WHP more) that is dyno proven and only costs a few hundred
dollars(10 actually).  Now if that isn't enough for you then well you have
to spend some more money.  I can get you some stage 3 cams that I have
developed that are much bigger taking the stock ~235/245 (int/exh) to
~260/264 with more lift.  Those will set you back about 1000 dollars, but
now your looking at 320+ Hp in the 3.6L and around 380HP in the 4.2L not to
shabby(not dyno proven yet).  The combination of cams with a chip or stand
alone will give you more then enough power to have some fun.

The V8 will also seriously help the handling of the car, by reducing the
front rear bias. The V8 has tons of low end grunt you can use a longer gear
box so you can get better fuel economy.  The only difficult part of a V8 CQ
is the fact that you have to make new brackets and flywheels are costly.

And to make my point clear I am building a V8 Coupe very very slowly with an
S8 32v engine (imported heads and US block) with a 6-speed TDI gear box and
more goodies.  The car has been stripped down to it's interior and body.
Also I am building a 90 V8q with a built 4.2l (I didn't build it) engine and
a 6-speed manual (again TDI) as a Daily driver.

V8's are just more fun.

> "Just to throw a curve ball into the 4k V8 discussion
> >
> > I still think  that a 1.8 20v Turbo with a large selection of bolt on
> > mods
> > and a chip to 290  bhp, would be a way to go with a 4k.
> >
> > Think 80 quattro turbo
> > Instead  of 90 quattro nose-heavy snail
> >
> > Also it would leave loads of space to fit  monster intercoolers and the
> > like
> >
> > Just my $0.02
> >
> > Geraint"
> >
> While the 1.8 is a little shorter and lighter by itself ,  I'd bet that
> when
> the turbo and all it's assorted plumbing is considered in  you'll find
> it's
> not a LOT less nose heavy than a stock 90Q.  Given the HP  difference,
> faster
> for sure but it's still all hanging forward of the front  axle.
> And I'll assume you were talking about European 80Q's, since  here in the
> US
> all the 80/90 Quattros were 5 cylinders.
> $.02 more cents...
> Bill J
> (with one of those 90Q nose heavy snails who'd love a  V8)

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