Bentley bad business practices for Audi 90 1993-95 CD version 1

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sat Dec 8 06:48:49 PST 2007

Grant Lenahan wrote:
> I dont think that's reasonable.  Most products we buy dont  
> spontaneously self-destruct.  They dont require yu to prove they are  
> yours.  My baseball glove doesn't ask for an activation code.  A book  
> - the CD's logical twin - doesn't.  In fact, most of my software  
> doesn't.

*Most* of your software doesn't. Some of it does. Bentley is one of
those that does. 

The book in the tub is a good analogy -- i.e., you didn't take good care
of the product, and you want a free replacement.

I feel your pain, though.  I've lost a bunch of digital pictures of my
kids when a hard disk died. It was my fault for not doing a backup. You
live, you learn.


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