Something's burning, and I think it's ...

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sat Dec 8 16:39:50 PST 2007

Brett Dikeman wrote:
> Please keep us posted on what you find, as far as where it may have  
> originated from...

According to the fireman, the fire destroyed any obvious evidence of
where it may have started. And since there was no insurance to be
claimed on the car, it wasn't set for insurance fraud, so they just
marked it down due to mechanical fault.

The only thing I can think of is that a month or so ago I put a pressure
gauge in the fuel line at the rail, to see if I was losing fuel pressure
over night, causing the hard starting.  My W.A.G. would be that the
gauge failed (less likely) or the hose clamps loosened (more likely, but
they were the good ones meant for fuel injection, along with the good
fuel injection hose), letting a small fuel leak hit something hot, which
went Poof! An electrical short starting a fire is also a possibility,
but I'd put that as even less likely.

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