independent garages in NE Missouri?

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Sun Dec 9 00:40:40 PST 2007

Wow, you're kind of between a rock and a hard place when it comes to
garages who know their way around German machinery.  I've been to
Columbia a couple of times, you might want to look there, it's a college
town and there are a few decent shops in town.  That being said, my
friend who lived there had a 123 Mercyless Benz 300TDT, and he ended up
having to find a mechanic in St. Louis for anything except regular
maintenance, the mechanic in Columbia would only do work by the hour on
anything German, and would never give him an estimate up front. 
He flew me out there twice to work on the car, nice mini vacation and
saved him a couple grand.  I guess you might want to start doing some of
the work yourself, or if you're not so inclined, schedule some bumper to
bumper $ervice in St. Louis, or maybe Kansas City.  There were a couple
of listers from St. Louis on here and the V8Q list, you might want to try
and search the archives to see if there are any shop recommendations.
If I speak to my friend I'll ask him if he remembers and VAG shops.  I do
remember Columbia had a really good BMW shop, but they wouldn't work on
anything else.  He moved to California a few years back so I don't know
if any info from him will be current.  Since you want "good and
reasonable", that rules out any dealers!'d probably be steered to the local John Deere garage, where
there's a guy who "saw them fix a Japanese car once."  ;- )
Hope you find a place.

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"Danton J.A. Cardoso" <djacardoso at> writes:

> I live in Kirksville MO, and I have a '98 A4 Avant 2.8 quattro.  I 
> have been
> here since July, and from deductive reasoning, I see that all the
> independent garages would probably look at the car and scratch their 
> heads
> twice if there were a problem with it.  So, with that in mind anyone 
> know of
> a good and reasonable place to take it?  Columbia is 90 miles south 
> and
> Ottuma, IA is about the same north to give you an idea where I am 
> at.

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